SEO is our ‘bread and butter’, it’s what we excel at and what we are most passionate about, we are always learning so we can provide our clients with the very best service.

Rising North Digital

Our Core SEO Services


Data Analysis

Using Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Data Studio to create a ‘kick off’ report.

We will then ‘crosswalk’ the information to provide an accurate picture of current performance which will provide us with the necessary information to plan an effective and successful SEO campaign.


Competitor Analysis

We will take a deep look at the competition your website faces and will undertake a detailed process to analyse them.

We will create a report to help understand the competitive landscape and gain an understanding of successful competitor sites. This will help to refine a strategy on what the algorithm is ranking at the keyword level.


Website Audits

Our Website Quality Audit which will help us better understand the quality of the website allowing us to make decisions on what SEO actions are required.

Our Technical Audit focuses on the on-page SEO aspects, highlighting any indexing, crawling or loading issues that may affect the website performance.

Keyword Research

We conduct thorough Keyword Research to find keywords that have buyer intent or that answer questions being asked online. We seek keyword terms that have good search volume and moderate competition in order to generate the right kind of traffic as quickly as possible.

We also map the keyword terms to relevant website pages and highlight any keyword gaps that may require further content or even a new page creation.

Content Analysis

Is your website offering expert-level content to its visitors? How does your content compare to that of your competitors? Do you know what (if any) content changes are required on your site?

We use a number of industry tools to make sure your content is of the highest level and to ensure that the search engines (Google) fully understands what your content is about, this ensures that your site will be correctly indexed and ranked.

Link Building

There are a number of ways to build strong backlinks to boost your search engine rankings, however, while some methods are proven to work, some are not and the more ethical lnikbuilding strategies take time and effort but they will not get your site penalised which is a hugely important factor in all of this.

We tend to focus on a small number of link building strategies, these include; outreach, guest posts, broken links and unlinked mentions.